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Grammar Charts are now free to download! If you are looking for a specific grammar chart or want to see what the current list of charts are available in each grammar book, click on the box below.

These lesson plans are created for teachers and students who want to create their own curriculum. Start with the foundation: two sets of beginners lessons A and B, then select the next level of lesson plans based on your interest: food, location, health, etc. Finally when you have a vocabulary of over 500 words, you can challenge yourself with intermediate lesson plans with professional focuses, such as retail sales, health care or real estate.

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    Mandarin Grammar Books

    These books of grammar charts are intended to help you understand the fundamentals of Chinese grammar. It is a study aid that can complement your other work in language learning. The charts deal with the use of different grammar points in Chinese. Each book contains ten grammar charts, each chart gives a clear visual illustration of the grammar point and it contains Chinese characters as well as PinYin. There is a blank version of each chart provided that can be used as a quiz or self-assessment tool.


    These study aids are designed for HSK level 2-3 students, but can help anyone looking for additional grammar help, from parents teaching Chinese to their children to new teachers of Chinese in need of visual aids to students looking for additional support. Whatever your level or goals, this book will be a great tool in your language learning journey

    Click on the book titles to see the PDF!