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Mandarin Basics for Retail and Sales 

Mandarin Basics for Retail and Sales 

  • Basic Mandarin for Retail and Sales for Beginners!

  • Learn from 0! Anyone can learn!

  • Mandarin Basics with a focus on sales and retail

  • Learn up to 300 words.

  • Apply your new language skills right away at work!

  • Learn all the practical, essential phrases and words that you need for work!

  • Ten one-on-one lessons, 14 hours lesson time in total.

  • Flexible schedule - you decide when to have the lessons!

  • Tailor the lessons to your business.

  • Lesson includes role playing, create your own dialogues.

  • Basic conversation includes introduction, greetings, common phrases, etc.

  • Sales focus portion includes buying and selling, recommendations, finishing the sale and at the till, etc.

  • No need to buy textbook-I will give you printouts!

Why did I create this program?


Before I started teaching full time, I already had ten years of experience in retail sales. The demand for Mandarin speaking talents in retail and sales have been growing for the past decade and the trend is continuing to grow. Many companies see having multilingual staff as huge assets to their team, but many people still stop themselves from taking their first Mandarin lessons because they think it’s too hard to learn Chinese.


I want to tell you that you don’t have to spend years learning Chinese before applying your language skill at work. As I mentioned, I had years of experience in retail so I know exactly what kind of language is used in a service environment. I am inspired by my students (many came to me to learn Chinese for work) to create a program designed specifically for first time learners, so that they can gain the skills they need in the shortest time possible and apply it at work.


This program contains ten lessons, the first two lessons are one hour each and the rest of the lessons are 1.5 hours each. You will start by learning how to use pinyin, this is very important because it lays the foundation for all future learning. Then you will learn to use basic words, verbs, create simple sentences and questions. You will also learn some important aspects of sales such as numbers and phrases related to money. By the end of the course you will have approximately 250 words in your vocabulary and you will be able to make simple conversation with your customers.


It’s good to remember that this is an intensive program designed to get you speaking Chinese for work as soon as possible. That means I selected only the most useful and common words and grammars, you will be able to ask and answer the basic questions and make simple recommendations, but you will not be able to have an in-depth discussion on products. Having said that, since this is a one-on-one program, I am able to adjust the contents of the lessons to your business.

Cost: This 14 hour program is currently on sale for CAD350. (The lowest rates for regular lessons are $30 per hour, a 14 hour program will usually cost $420!)


Are you interested? Shoot me an email or set up an initial appointment below!

Course Outline


Lesson 1: PinYin 1hr

Lesson 2: PinYin 1hr

Lesson 3: Pronouns, Introduction and Common Phrases 1.5hr

Lesson 4: Basic Verbs, Basic Sentence (including you-meiyou and at location) 1.5hr

Lesson 5: Numbers, Time and Date 1.5hr

Lesson 6: Quantity, Measure Words and Money 1.5hr

Lesson 7: Noun+Adjective sentence (vocab expansion) 1.5hr

Lesson 8: Common Phrases In Retail 1.5hr

Lesson 9: Comparison + Mock Role Play 1.5hr

Lesson 10: Making a Sale + Mock Role Play 1.5hr


Total: 14hrs Price: NOW CAD350 (Normally $420)

Thanks! Message sent.

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