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Lesson Plans

These Lesson Plans are designed for teachers and students who want to create their own curriculum. Lesson Plans range from beginner level to intermediate levels. Teachers can combine and modify different lesson plans to create a customized course, they can also use the lesson plans as textbooks in class.

The Foundation

Beginners Lessons A and B are two sets of lesson plans designed for students learning Chinese for the first time. Each set contains ten lessons.

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The Inbetween

Beginner - Intermediate Level Lessons Focuses on Different Aspects of Daily Life

These Lesson Plans are designed for students who already have a vocabulary of 200-300 words, or at a HSK 2-3 level. Each set of lesson plans contain 5 to 10 lessons all focused on the same topic. In this level, teachers/students can pick and choose topics that matter to them and add it to their own curriculum.

The Intermediate

Serious Vocab Expansion on More Professional Topics

The Intermediate level lesson plans are designed for students who want to practice Chinese in their work. Each set of lesson plans include 5 to 10 lessons, over 100 words related to the theme.

More Lesson Plans are on the way!

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