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Cantonese Learning Lessons

Cantonese Lessons are usually conversational. Reading and writing of Chinese characters are not part of the lessons. Currently the lessons are taught in English or Mandarin,  beginners will start with basic conversational Cantonese, intermediate and advanced students will focus more on vocabulary expansion and other aspects.
Learning texts will be provided at each lesson, if you are at intermediate level Cantonese, it's very likely that we will use a combination of different textbooks and resour
ces so you do not need to buy books. As the student progress, he or she may choose to continue to work on grammar, vocabulary expansion, etc. Depending on your needs, we can also tailor the lessons for grammar drills, listening comprehension, or the more advanced, common Cantonese colloquial phrases or field-specific vocabulary expansion, such as real estate or finance. 

The textbooks that I use for Cantonese lessons are Complete Cantonese and Sydney Lau's Cantonese textbook series (from beginner to advanced). I often use a combination of textbooks and worksheets that I create for students, you do not need to buy textbooks because I will curate the materials that we need for the lessons. 

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