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If you're a beginner Mandarin learner or a realtor looking to enhance your language skills, look no further than these comprehensive lessons on real estate contracts. Students must have completed Beginners Lessons A and B or known around 300 Chinese words to make the most of this book.


This book comes with five lessons and 131 new words, each taking about 120 minutes to complete. The topics include different contracts involved in a real estate transaction, such as introducing a document and sale listings. Each lesson contains relevant vocabulary and grammar to the topic and concludes with fun translation exercises.


Upon completing the lessons, students are given a role play activity where they can put their newly acquired knowledge to the test. Instructors can further augment understanding through Q&A sessions with the students.


This book is based on Canadian real estate practices, but instructors can easily make adjustments as per their local context. It's an excellent resource for realtors who want to expand their language abilities to conduct business conversations in Mandarin seamlessly.


Overall, if you want to unlock exciting opportunities in the global market of real estate, this book is a great place to start.


Beginners Lesson D: Realtor Signing Contracts

Excluding GST/HST
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