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Grammar Books

Grammar Book 1

Time and Duration

Chart 1: Month and Week

Chart 2: Date

Chart 3: Compare Day, Week, Month, Year

Chart 4: Periods of the Day and Time

Chart 5: Day and Time

Chart 6: Using Time in a sentence:

Chart 7: Duration

Chart 8: Duration and Time in a Sentence

Chart 9: Except when object is a person

Chart 10: The amount of time it takes to do something

 Chart 1: People/things/actions at a place (They are waiting for me outside.)

Chart 2: There is (object) at (location)

( There are cars below.)

Chart 3: Location + Modifier

(Beside My Home)

Chart 4: (Location + Modifier) in a Sentence (His home is next to my home.)

Chart 5: Distance Between Two Places

(The school is very far from my home.)

Chart 6: Describe Location with a Verb

(There is a painting hanging on the wall.) Chart 7: Location of an Item

(The teapot is placed on the dining table.) Chart 8: Go to Place

(I walk to school.)

Chart 9: Go to Place with Direction

(I walk east to the park.)

Chart 10: To Go From Place to Place

(I walk from school to home.)

Grammar Book 7

Compound Sentences

Chart 1: If…
(If it rains then we will stay home.)
Chart 2: Since…
(Since we are already late, let’s cancel the morning meeting.)
Chart 3: As long as …
(You can buy anything you want as long as you have a credit card.)
Chart 4: As soon as …
(The dog came running at me as soon as I got home.)
Chart 5: Even if …
(You will not be able to arrive on time even if you drive.)
Chart 6: Even though …
( Even though he speaks multiple languages, we did not hire him.)
Chart 7: Although …
(Although there are many restaurants in this area, it’s very noisy at night.)
Chart 8: Besides …
(Besides Toronto, we also had oces in Vancouver and Los Angeles.)
Chart 9: Other than …
(No one speaks Mandarin here except for my manager.)
Chart 10: Not only …
(This hotel not only has excellent restaurants, it also has the largest casino in the world.)
Chart 11: No matter …
(No matter how tired you are right now, you have to get up at six in the morning to take me to the airport.)

Grammar Book 2

Number of Times and Approximate Numbers

 Chart 1: Number of Times

(I’ve been to Canada three times.)

Chart 2: First Time, Last Time

(This is the first time I have been to China.)

Chart 3: One More Time

(Please say it one more time)

Chart 4: Approximate Numbers

(There are approximately 30 students in my class.)

Chart 5: Over and Under an Amount

(These shoes cost over two hundred dollars.)

Chart 6: Maximum and Minimum

(Each person must spend a minimum of thirty dollars.)

Chart 7: Approximate Numbers

(My manager is thirty plus some years old.)

Chart 8: Ask About Dimensions

(How big is your office?)

Chart 9: Anything, Anyone, Anywhere

(I will eat anything that you make.)

Chart 10: Whatever You Do

(I want to do whatever you do.)

Grammar Book 5

Descriptions and Comparisons

 Chart 1: Adjective Description for an Item (Expensive Watch)

Chart 2: Colour Description for an Item

(Black Watch)

Chart 3: Location Description for an Item (The watch that is on the table)

Chart 4: Long Descriptions for an Item

(The watch that I bought this year)

Chart 5: Comparison

(The black watch is more expensive than the blue watch.)

Chart 6: Comparison with Specific Result (Black watch is five hundred dollars more expensive than a blue watch.)

Chart 7: Comparison with Adverbs

(He speaks better than I)

Chart 8: Comparison with an Object and Adverb

(He speaks Chinese better than I.)

Chart 9: Negative Comparison

(The blue watch is not as expensive as the black watch.)

Chart 10: When Two Things are the Same or Equal

(Black watch is as pretty as the blue watch.) Chart 11: Incomplete Comparison

(The black watch is more expensive.)

Grammar Book 3

Verb Endings and Adjectives

Chart 1: Verb Tense

(I have been to HK.)

Chart 2: Verb Ending - Completion

(We finished eating.)

Chart 3: Verb-Ending for Seeing and Hearing

(I saw the pictures very clearly.)

Chart 4: Verb Ending - Error, Damage, Sickness

(I dialed the wrong number!)

Chart 5: Verb Ending - Direction

(I went up to the second floor.)

Chart 6: Adjectives

(Lily is beautiful.)

Chart 7: Adverb-Adjective

(Lily is not very beautiful.)

Chart 8: Verb - Adverbs

(Lily dressed beautifully.)

Chart 9: Verb - Adverb (negative and question)

(Lily doesn’t dress beautifully.)

and (Does Lily dress beautifully?)

Chart 10: Verb-Object and Adverb

(Lily sings Italian songs happily.)

Chart 11: Adverb - Verb

(Lily happily sings Italian songs)

Grammar Book 6

To Feel, to Know and to Remember...

Chart 1: To Feel…

(I feel very tired.)

Chart 2: To know…

(I know his name.)

Chart 3: To Remember…

(I remember your birthday.)

Chart 4: Lend and Borrow

(I lent this book to you.)

(I borrow a bike from my older brother)

Chart 5: Sender to Receiver

(I send an email to you.)

Chart 6: Receiver Receives Things…

( I received an email from you.)

Chart 7: From … To …

(How long does it take to walk from here to the bus stop?)

Chart 8: Starting From …

(I will start exercising from today.)

Chart 9: Describe How A Impacts B (Exercising is very good for your health.) Chart 10: Describe How Someone Feels About Something

(I am very interested in his novels.)

Chart 11: When Someone Does Something To X

(He smiled at me)

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