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This comprehensive book is tailored for students who have completed previous beginner lessons or possess a vocabulary of approximately 300 Chinese words.


Comprising of five lessons and 116 new words, each taking around 120 minutes to complete, this book equips learners with a solid understanding of the financial components involved in the real estate domain. Topics covered include property prices, down payments, mortgages, taxes and fees, and rentals. Each lesson incorporates vocabulary and grammar exercises, and culminates in translation exercises and activities to reinforce comprehension.


Upon completing the lessons, through a role play activity, learners navigate the process of guiding a client through a property purchase. Instructors can further augment understanding by engaging students in a Q&A session.


This book caters to both Mandarin learners seeking proficiency in real estate communication and industry professionals aiming to effectively engage Mandarin-speaking clients. While the content is primarily based on Canadian real estate practices, it can be easily tailored to suit other regions.


Whether you aspire to master the language of real estate or seek to enhance your professional capabilities, this invaluable resource offers a seamless pathway to success.


Beginners Lesson D: Realtor Making a Sale

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