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Embark on a journey to improve your Mandarin language skills and prepare to talk about travel.

This book provides five comprehensive lessons, each designed to be completed in 1-2 hours.

With a total of 241 new words to learn, this book will equip learners with the necessary vocabulary and skills to confidently talk about travel and location in daily life. The lessons focus on various aspects of travel, including transportation, accommodation, different types of travel, and more.

The first two lessons focus on transportation and accommodation, providing learners with the tools to discuss these essential elements of travel. Lesson three is dedicated to city travel, while lesson four focuses on beach vacations. Lesson five introduces road trips and camping.

At the end the book, students are invited to complete a final project where they plan their dream vacation, allowing them to review all of these travel topics.

By completing these five lessons, learners will gain the skills and confidence to engage in meaningful conversations about previous travel experiences and will be able to make travel plan in Mandarin.

Beginners C: Talk About Travel is an essential resource for language learners seeking to enhance their ability to communicate in Mandarin within a travel context.


Beginners Lesson C: Talk About Travel

Excluding GST/HST
  • Lesson 1: Directions and Transportation 5

    Lesson 2: Accommodation 18

    Lesson 3: Explore the City 30

    Lesson 4: Beach Vacation 40

    Lesson 5: Adventures in the Nature 52

    Final Project: Plan Your Dream Vacation 64

    Vocabulary List 66

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