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Expand your Mandarin vocabulary related to household items and improve your ability to discuss different aspects of home living.

Designed for learners who have completed Beginners Lessons A and B or have a basic understanding of 150-200 Chinese words, this book consists of five engaging lessons. Each lesson can be completed in 60-120 minutes, allowing for flexible learning.

Throughout the book's five lessons, students will explore various topics related to household items, including appliances, kitchen tools, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, and holiday decorations. Each lesson focuses on a specific area, such as appliances or bathroom supplies, to help learners develop a deeper understanding of relevant vocabulary and phrases. At the end of the book, students will learn 152 new words.

At the end of each lesson, students will find exercises to reinforce their comprehension and retention of the material covered. Lesson 1 focuses on Appliances. Lesson 2 discusses Bathroom Supplies while lesson 3 focuses on Kitchen Tools. Lesson 4 introduces general Cleaning Supplies and lesson 5 rounds things out with a discussion about Holiday Decor. The book culminates with a final project that prompts learners to discuss the process of moving houses.

Whether you're looking to enhance your daily conversations about household items or engage in more in-depth discussions about home living, Beginners Lessons C: Household Items provides the necessary tools to achieve your language goals.


Beginners Lesson C: Household Items

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  • Table of Contents 1

    关于这本书 2

    关于我 2

    About Me: 3

    About the Book: 4

    Lesson 1: Appliances 5

    Lesson 2: Bathroom Supplies 18

    Lesson 3: Kitchen Tools 31

    Lesson 4: Cleaning Supplies 45

    Lesson 5: Holiday and Decor 60

    Final Project: Moving House 71

    Vocabulary List 72

    Create Your Own Curriculum: 75

    定制课程: 75


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