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This book is the second of our beginner lesson plan books. They are designed for tutors and teachers who want to create their own course or students who want to guide their own learning. It contains 10 1-hour lessons spread across 107 pages and with 184 new vocabulary words.


This book is a great alternative to traditional textbooks, with more flexibility that allows for customized lessons.


These lessons are suitable for people who have These ten lessons are the follow up lessons for beginners lesson A, or for learners who already have a vocabulary of 100 words in Chinese.


The lessons focus on numbers and applications of numbers in our daily lives, such as quantity, date and time, weather, money, phone numbers, addresses, as well as in emails and text messages. At the end of the book, learners will be able to confidently communicate about price, date, time, weather, and exchange contact information.


The lessons include simplified Chinese characters and PinYin, making it suitable for learners of all levels. 


Each lesson follows a similar format. It begins with vocabulary, ensuring you have all the terms you may need in any given situation.


Then comes the grammar, which introduces you to sentence structure, verb conjugation, and other important concepts. 


Lessons end with practice questions and sample dialogue as well as its English translations, to allow learners to see and understand the prior sections put to use. 


Whatever your level or goals, this book will be a great tool in your language learning journey.

Ten Lessons For Beginners B

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  • About Me:

    About the Book:

    Lesson 1: Numbers

    (One, Two, Three, …)

    Lesson 2: Quantity

    (Two Apples)

    Lesson 3: Approximate Numbers

    (There are about 100 people here.)

    Lesson 4: Date and Days

    (Today is January 1st, 2020)

    Lesson 5: Time

    (I will go to your place at 7pm.)

    Lesson 6: Weather

    (It will rain tomorrow.)

    Lesson 7: Money

    (How much is a cup of coffee?)

    Lesson 8: Communication

    (I just called him.)

    Lesson 9: Addresses

    (I live on 985 Shanghai Street.)

    Lesson 10: Additional Grammars

    (Why don’t you go to the office today?)

    Vocabulary List

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