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This book is designed for tutors and teachers who want to create their own course or students who want to guide their own learning. It's a great alternative to traditional textbooks. It features 10 lesson plans of 60–90 minutes across 100 pages and including 150 new words. 


These beginner lessons focus on the basics. The lessons include vocabulary and phrases about the introduction of people, greetings, nationality, family, work, daily activities, simple descriptions, and simple suggestions. At the end of these lessons, learners will be able to introduce themselves to others, ask simple questions, and make small talk. 


These lessons can be modified to suit any learning style or may be used as is for both students and teachers. The texts include simplified Chinese characters and PinYin, to allow learners of all levels to benefit from them. 


Each lesson follows a simple format. It begins with vocabulary, ensuring you have all the terms you may need in any given situation. 


Next comes the grammar, which introduces you to sentence structure, verb conjugation, and other important concepts for the given scenario. Lessons end with a practice pattern and dialogue to allow learners to see the prior sections put to use. With accompanying translations of the dialogue, the book is helpful for learners of all levels. 


Whatever your level or goals, this book will be a great tool in your language learning journey.

Ten Lessons For Beginners A

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  • Lesson 1: People

    (You, I, He and She)

    Lesson 2: Introduce a Person

    (He is my husband)

    Lesson 3: Ask Questions

    (Is he your husband?)

    Lesson 4: Greetings and Asking for Name

    (Hello, what is your name?)

    Lesson 5: Nationality and Residence

    (I am Chinese, I live in Beijing.)

    Lesson 6: Family

    (They are my parents.)

    Lesson 7: Work

    (What kind of work do you do?)

    Lesson 8: Daily Activities

    (I just exercised.)

    Lesson 9: Description

    (Their coffees are not expensive.)

    Lesson 10: Make a Suggestion

    (Let’s go to the park!)

    Vocabulary List

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