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This book is intended to help you understand the fundamentals of Chinese grammar. It is a study aid that can complement your other work in language learning. The charts deal with the use of sentences in Chinese. Each chart contains the Chinese characters as well as PinYin. There is a blank version of each chart provided that can be used as a quiz or self-assessment tool.


This study aid is designed for HSK level 2-3 students, but can help anyone looking for additional grammar help, from parents teaching Chinese to their children to new teachers of Chinese in need of visual aids to students looking for additional support. Whatever your level or goals, this book will be a great tool in your language learning journey!

Grammar Book 8: Ba Sentences

Excluding GST/HST

    Table of Contents 1

    About Me: 3

    About the Book: 4

    Chart 1: Use Bǎ to talk about completing an action 4

    (You need to do your homework tonight.) 5

    Chart 2: Use Bă to talk about changes by an action 7

    (First, take the potato and slice it.) 7

    Chart 3: Use Bǎ to talk about connecting people by an action 8

    (I gave the book to my friend.) 9

    Chart 4: Use Bǎ to talk about reaching a place through action 11

    (Put the clothes on the bed.) 11

    Chart 5: Passive Sentence with Bèi 13

    (My son took the blue umbrella.) 13

    Chart 6: Use a Passive Sentence to Emphasize One Aspect 15

    ( The book was written by my professor.) 15

    Chart 7: Tell Someone to Do Something 16

    (The manager wants me to send the email to the client in the morning.) 17

    Chart 8: Alone/Self 19

    (I can finish this project by myself.) 19

    Chart 9: In Addition … 21

    (I also work in a coffee shop in addition to my job at the post office.) 21

    Chart 10: What Else Questions 23

    (Who else did you invite to your birthday party?) 23

    Create Your Own Curriculum: 25


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