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This book is intended to help you understand the fundamentals of Chinese grammar. It is a study aid that can complement your other work in language learning. The charts deal with number of times, approximate numbers and the different uses of question words in Chinese. Each chart contains the Chinese characters as well as PinYin. There is a blank version of each chart provided that can be used as a quiz or self-assessment tool.


This study aid is designed for HSK level 2-3 students, but can help anyone looking for additional grammar help, from parents teaching Chinese to their children to new teachers of Chinese in need of visual aids to students looking for additional support. Whatever your level or goals, this book will be a great tool in your language learning journey

Grammar Book 2: Number of Times, Approximate Numbers and Question Words

Excluding GST/HST

    About Me:

    About the Book:

    Chart 1: Number of Times  (I’ve been to Canada three times.) 

    Chart 2: First Time, Last Time  (This is the first time I have been to China.)

    Chart 3: One More Time (Please say it one more time)

    Chart 4: Approximate Numbers  (There are approximately 30 students in my class.)

    Chart 5: Over and Under an Amount  (These shoes cost over two hundred dollars.)

    Chart 6: Maximum and Minimum  (Each person must spend a minimum of thirty dollars.)

    Chart 7: Approximate Numbers  (My manager is thirty plus some years old.)

    Chart 8: Ask About Dimensions  (How big is your office?)

    Chart 9: Anything, Anyone, Anywhere (I will eat anything that you make.)

    Chart 10: Whatever You Do  (I want to do whatever you do.)

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