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This book has been designed for tutors and teachers, as well as students who want to guide their own learning. It features 5 lessons plans of 60–120 minutes and includes 142 new words about location. 


These lessons are aimed at helping students learn how to talk about location in daily life. These 5 lessons are focused on basics vocabulary about location and items in the home as well as the basics of real estate. 


The first two lessons start with the basic vocabulary for furniture and appliances around the home. Next, students learn about different names for rooms and other areas of a home. The fourth lesson introduces apartment-specific vocabulary, while the final lesson broadens to include the neighbourhood. 


At the end of these lessons, students will encounter a role-playing project where they can act as a potential home buyer or renter. This will encourage students to practice using these specific terms in everyday life. 


Each lesson starts with vocabulary to ensure that you have the words needed for all possible occasions. Next you will learn about sentence structure, verb conjugation and other important concepts for the given scenario.


At the end of these lessons, learners will be able to confidently navigate the basics of real estate and will be able to describe locations of things in the home, places in and around the home, and will be able to discuss moving things and themselves through these spaces. 


These lessons can be modified to suit any learning style and work well as is, for both students and teachers. The texts include simplified Chinese characters and PinYin in order benefit learners of all levels.


This book is a valuable resource no matter where you are in your language learning journey.

Beginners Lesson C: Talk About Location

Excluding GST/HST

    Table of Contents 1

    About Me: 3

    About the Book: 4

    Lesson 1: Furnitures 5

    (The bed is on the right side.) 5

    Lesson 2: Appliances 15

    (The hairdryer is placed inside the drawer.) 16

    Lesson 3: House and Rooms 28

    (There are three rooms upstair.) 28

    Lesson 4: Apartments and Amenities 41

    ( There is a gym on the third floor.) 41

    Lesson 5: Neighborhoods 53

    (There are many shops in this neighborhood.) 53

    Final Project: House Hunting 63

    Vocabulary List 65 69


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