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This book has been designed for tutors, teachers, and students alike. It allows customization to suit any learning style or journey. It features 6 lessons of 60–120 minutes each and includes 151 new words about food.


These lessons are food-focused and each one is centred on a different type of food. Students will learn about different dishes as well as general terms for foods such as meats, seafood, vegetables, and beverages. 


Each lesson starts with vocabulary, followed by key grammar concepts so learners can see how to put these new words into practice in a variety of real-world situations. These food lessons are unique as they also feature expanded vocabulary related to the topic.


At the end of these six lessons, learners will be asked to create a menu for their fantasy restaurant and role play with a partner. This will allow them to put their learning into practice to ensure confidence in real-life scenarios.


Upon completion of the book, learners will have a strong vocabulary in the world of food. They will be able to confidently discuss their food preferences, order and ask about dishes at restaurants, comment on food, share their dietary needs, even talk about cooking. 


These lessons are flexible enough to be adapted for any learning style and can stand alone as instruction. These texts include simplified Chinese characters and PinYin, so learners of any level can benefit.


This book is a valuable tool for any beginners who are interested in exploring the incredible world of Chinese cuisine. 

Beginners Lesson C: Talk About Food

Excluding GST/HST

    Table of Contents 1

    About Me: 3

    About the Book: 4

    Lesson 1: Dishes 5

    (We ordered three dishes.) 5

    Lesson 2: Meats 15

    (Do you want chicken or beef?) 16

    Lesson 3: Vegetables 29

    (We still have a lot of vegetables in the fridge.) 29

    Lesson 4: Seafood 41

    ( I am allergic to seafood.) 41

    Lesson 5: Desserts and Fruits 53

    (We can have ice cream after dinner.) 53

    Lesson 6: Beverages 65

    (I only drink beer.) 65

    Final Project: Your Fantasy Restaurant 76

    Vocabulary List 79


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