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Continue your Chinese language learning with this book about the body and health. This book is designed for both teachers and students and contains 180 new words across a total of five lessons of 60 to 120 minutes, giving you ample time to learn the material. 


This book was designed for beginners already familiar with Lessons A and B, who have an understanding of the basics of Chinese language and grammar and know about 300 Chinese words.


Each lesson focuses on a common health or medical topic. Lesson 1 focuses on the Body and Injury, while lesson 2 explores terms and grammar related to Cold and Flu. In Lesson 3, students will learn how to discuss an emergency and in lesson 4, they'll discover the key language skills needed for Doctor's appointments. In the final and fifth lesson, students will learn the basics of Healthy Lifestyle language.

Lessons begin with vocabulary related to the topic, before exploring essential related grammar. At the end of each lesson, there are different translation exercises and question and answer exercises to help students practice their skills or for teachers to use in examinations. 

At the end of the 5 lessons, there is also a final research project where students are asked to research a common illness and to write about it using the vocabulary and grammar learned. This project may also be used for a discussion or question and answer period with an instructor.


Whether you are keen to continue your learning or you are a medical professional looking for key skills in Mandarin, this book is well-suited to you!

Beginners Lesson C: Body and Health

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  • Table of Contents 1

    关于这本书 2

    关于我 2

    About Me: 3

    About the Book: 4

    Lesson 1: Body Parts 5

    (My right foot is in pain.) 5

    Lesson 2: Cold and Flu 16

    (You don’t look well.) 16

    Lesson 3: Emergency 28

    (Where is the first aid kit?) 28

    Lesson 4: Doctor’s Appointment 40

    ( What time will you see the doctor today?) 40

    Lesson 5: Healthy Lifestyle 55

    (I drink lots of water and exercise everyday.) 55

    Final Project:  A Common Illness 72

    Vocabulary List 73

    Create Your Own Curriculum:

  • 关于这本书

    这个中文课本主要针对已经有一定中文基础(300个汉字左右)或者学过Beginner Lessons A和B的学生。课本内容根据生活中常见的健康和医疗情况分为五节课,分别是身体部位(疼痛)、感冒、急救、看医生和保养。每节课包括大量的跟身体有关的词汇,也有很多跟医疗系统有关的词汇。这本书一共有五节课,每节课的时长设定为60到120分钟。老师可以根据学生的情况调整课时,比如只学拼音的学生需要60分钟,而需要学习汉字书写和阅读的学生就需要120分钟完成一节课。


    学生完成这本书里的五节课以后会被要求做一个小活动,即上网调查一个常见的病,并利用查到的信息回答问题。这本书学完了以后可以继续学习初学者主题课本里的其他书。老师可以根据不同的情况用Beginners Lessons C里面的几本课本建立独特的课程。比如,一套完整的课程可以由Beginners Lessons A(十课) + Beginners Lessons B(十课) + Beginners Lessons C Food(六课) + Beginners Lessons C Location(五课)+Beginners Lesson C Body(五课)组成。


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