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Private Group Lessons

Why choose a customized group class?


If you or your company have a group of four or more people that are interested in learning Mandarin or Cantonese, you might want to consider requesting customized, group lessons. I can even come to your location at a time at a time that is suitable for everyone, I.e. lunch time or after work. Lessons can be modified to suit your specific needs.

Joe’s company is situated in an area that has a large Chinese population. Everyday many Chinese customers walk through the door but the receptionist do not speak the language. Joe can book private beginner Chinese lessons for their receptionists and assistants, so they can greet their customers in Chinese and make them feel more welcomed.
Mary works in a company that cater to many overseas clients. Usually they rely on the Chinese speaking staff in the office for communication but it is time consuming and it creates extra workload on the staffs. Mary and her team books books private group lessons that are tailored to their industry so they can eventually communicate with their clients without help.
Jane and her friends speak some Cantonese at home but are not fluent, they are planning a trip to Asia in a couple of months and she would like to brush up on their Cantonese so they can feel more comfortable traveling in HK. Jane and her friends can book private group lessons for Cantonese.
If you would like to book customized group lessons program for your group, please contact me directly.
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