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Date: September 15th, Sunday 2pm to 330pm
Location: 938 Smithe Street. You will receive details after signing up.
Who can join: This workshop is for beginners and first time learners.
What is it about: This workshop will teach numbers up to 100 and using them in time, date and quantity. 
What should I bring: You can bring a phone to make audio recording of the workshop. Please bring pen and notebook.
What can I expect: Lots of speaking exercises and activities!
Why is it free: I am always happy to introduce Cantonese to people who might be interested. This is a one time only workshop, hopefully some of you will like it so much that you want to take private lessons with me!
For the next few months I will be offering free workshops on various topics in both Cantonese and Mandarin. This happens once a month only and the spots are very limited! If you are interested, sign up here: 

Free Cantonese Workshop:

Numbers Up to 100

(Beginners Level)

Capsule Intensive workshops are intensive group classes that are focused on one subject. Workshops are either one-day or two-day, 2 to 4 hours in total. Class size range from 3 to 10 people. Students are welcomed to bring a recording device or recording app on their phones to record the entire session. Workshops may cancel if the minimum registration is not met, most workshops have a minimum registration of 5.   Each topic is usually offer once every month or every two months. The number of workshops offered on a particular topic is based on demand.

If you would like to receive a monthly schedule of Cantonese and Mandarin Workshops, please enter your email address below:

Capsule Intensive Workshops

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